Have you filed an email bankruptcy ?

Currently the market is going up and down on a regular basis and newspapers seem to be talking about recessions and bankruptcies. Coincidentally, I ran across the term bankruptcy linked with emails and the concept is called as an ’email bankruptcy’. I would like to share what I learnt so far in the form of questions and answers.

What constitutes an email bankruptcy?

You may go into a state of email bankruptcy when you cannot respond to emails in a timely fashion. There may be debates as to how we can define ‘timely fashion’ especially when one is on vacation and I am not sure if the results of that debate is out of scope of this discussion.

When do we realize email bankruptcy?

Perhaps when it is too late.

What is the impact of email bankruptcy?

We may not receive emails and hence we take a hit in our communication and networking opportunities.

What can we do about email bankruptcy to protect ourselves?

We can be proactive and put a throttle on our emails before we go on a vacation or if we plan to be out of office. You can leverage Lifehack for 5 rules to minimize email bankruptcies.

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